Hoshi nearly choked

Short story – Hoshi choked on a piece of bagel but spit it out. I took Hoshi on a walk this morning and he picked up a big soggy bagel off of someone’s lawn. It looked gross and I told him to put it down which didn’t work. After a while he did drop it but not before taking a 1/3 bite out of it. Suddenly, he stopped walking and began acting strange. He moved his head side to side then reared up and fell on his back. He got back up and I figured he was choking. I gave him a half-assed Heimlich maneuver and the bagel came up along with emesis. I’m not sure if I had any effect or it came up on its own.

Hoshi was okay after that except for a little snorting. It was scary. I have to keep him from eating garbage on his walks. I’ll try to teach him “leave it.”