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Thread: Help with house training

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    Default Help with house training

    I need help. I get the whole keep the dog on a leash and bring him outside to go potty and throw a party when he does - we do all problem is when I leave him alone. I've tried crating him but he absolutely loses it, pees all over the crate and himself and cries hysterically. He is a rescue dog and I just can't cause him that much stress. We have a doggy door and usually he's pretty good when he's alone but I swear he goes the bathroom inside when he's upset with me. I've read that that is a myth but my last cocker did the same thing till the day she died...if we left her alone too long or if I scolded her for something she would pee on my side of the bed or on my shoes my little guy is doing the same thing. I've had to work a few extra hours this week and even though my kids are home with him, he is mad at me and has peed on my belongings...when he's alone, which is only for about 5 hours at the most and we have another dog to keep him company. Today I came home to poop on my dining room table!!! He jumped up and defecated right where I sit!!! I don't know what else to do - it's getting a little nuts! I welcome all responses...thanks so much!

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    A crate is going to help him with accidents in the house. All you have to do is get him to like being in the crate. This will take some doing since he's obviously had a bad experience. You want to acclimatize your dog to the crate before actually using it. Do this several times a day. This video shows you how (around 2:45 minutes in)

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