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Thread: Saturday OK Weather Watch

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    Oh man, I had to check first thing this morning to see if all of you are safe. That is scary stuff, we had one here years ago and once in a lifetime is once too many for me. Stay safe. tI sounds like your son may be a bit like mine. Usually by that age they are starting to realize they are not immortal , not mine, he is 38 and still has the attitude of a teen !


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    I worried about you all this weekend. We were away from home (and internet) for most of the weekend but I did manage to check the weather a couple of times. Robin, I was wondering if you made it to Cherokee and if you did how close you were. Just close enough from the looks of it.

    I can sort of understand your son's excitement - I am a weather geek to the max. LOL I love all weather - but prefer that it not harm anyone. Very fascinating stuff and I'm always learning something. I volunteer with the local National Weather Service office. Many close calls (tornadoes) and hurricanes - I have a healthy respect for mother nature.

    Glad everyone is o.k.

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    Catching up on things, Robin and Joyce I'm glad you guys are both ok. I was reading through this post just now and when I got to the first mention of Cherokee I was like "oh crap I hope Robin stayed safe!". We spent the weekend watching all this stuff from here, but Aaron is a meteorologist and I was a spotter for Moore when I was stationed there. There is nothing quite like Oklahoma in the spring time, and I'm so glad that things weren't worse than they were. We have tons of friends who are either forecasters or damage surveyors for NWS, and everyone was going nuts last week with the impending doom. I think it's quite a testament to the forecasters and the city emergency managers who were able to get good warnings out and save countless lives. Sad about Woodward though, but that's why you can't rely on outdoor sirens.

    Robin, I'm glad you guys are ok, but the chaser/spotter in me is going "HOLY COW THAT'S AN AWESOME PICTURE!!!"

    btw, if you drink (and even if you don't I have and I know people who have played with water/soda) here's a little fun for the next round of tornadoes:

    Robin and Joyce, you know you guys love Gary England, or as I call him, "Scary Gary"...
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