Update: Cockers rescued in Iowa story

The owner has now been identified as Mary Brodersen (Broderson?). Police executed a search warrant at her rural farm, 3975 Dean Avenue, Kiron, Iowa, yesterday morning. Ninety-two dogs were found (5 were dead) stacked upon each other in a small shed. “They were stacked three high so the excrement from the animals above would run or dribble down through on top of the dogs below,” said Jerry Dominicak with the Siouxland Humane Society.

In September of 2007, Mary Brodersen of Kiron, Iowa was fined $500 by the Platte Valley Kennel Club and suspended from the American Kennel Club for three months for “disregard of published club regulations and neglect at/or in connection with an event.” Brodersen, owner of Mystical Cockers, has competed at several events and owns or has owned the following cocker spaniels:

  • Mystical’s Absolute Legacy
  • NV’s Wyld Thang
  • Mystical’s Moon Struck Legacy
  • Mystcial’s Silver Lining Legacy
  • Mystical’s Butterfly Kisses
  • CH. Caroling’s Stun N Stammer EM
  • NV’s Time to Shyne
  • Mystical’s Tri My Dream

Cocker spaniels rescued from Iowa breeder

Officers in Sac County, Iowa seized 88 cocker spaniels from an unidentified breeder. Officers described the conditions as “deplorable.” Cockers had matted hair with feces and the smell was terrible. “It didn’t look like this facility was inspected by any jurisdiction,” said Josh Colvin of the Animal Rescue League (ARL). “These animals were basically being stacked on top of each other.” As many as six cockers are possibly pregnant. Colvin describes this as one of the worst cases of abuse he’s seen in the state. Police say charges are forthcoming. Cockers inspected by the Anamosa Veterinary Clinic had eye infections, sores, and severe dental disease.

The cocker spaniels were transported to various shelters throughout the region. Some stayed with the ARL. Four additional rescues will assist in care. Please make donations to the Cedar Valley Humane Society or the ARL. The cockers should be available for adoption in a couple weeks. None of them were aggressive. “This is great step in the direction of getting them adopted,” said Bob Citrullo, executive director of the Cedar Valley Humane Society.

Hoshi’s eating raw pork

I started Hoshi on raw pork! Freezing x 3 days is supposed to kill parasites just so you know. Yesterday was the first day. I gave him pork loin with his chicken. He smelled it at first like “What’s this?” Then he gobbled it up. He must have really liked it because he was a brat last night begging to be fed again. I’m giving him a little at a time to make sure he tolerates it. Poops looking good so far.

I think he did have a fungal infection. This is day two and he’s hardly scratching. He’s been sleeping real soundly lately so I think he’s more comfortable.

Treating a fungal infection?

I’ve taken Hoshi in for this before and they said Hoshi didn’t have a fungal infection. I mentioned the itching and stinky feet smell too. Hoshi has really been scratching lately and I don’t think it’s fleas. I haven’t seen any and I haven’t been bit either. I should really brush him out more which I admit not doing. Lots of dead hair on his back near his rump. Tons of scaly skin back there too. Anyways, I decided to shave Hoshi’s back hoping it would help. His coat is so thick back there. What I did was brush his hair backwards so the clippers could get at all the length evenly. Next, I thought why not treat that area with anti-fungal cream. The cream is greaseless and worked into his hair and skin surprisingly well. Guess what? Hoshi slept like a baby last night. The intense scratching has dramatically improved.

I’ve decided to keep his back shaved. It doesn’t look as nice but his coat is so thick. I think it holds moisture in and I’m not grooming him enough. I’m going to treat him for a week and see how things go.

Reward offered after cocker mix shot in Michigan

Police in Standish, Michigan are looking for those responsible in a dog shooting case.  Haley, a seven-year-old cocker spaniel/golden retriever mix was found dead along Highway 23 on December 29th, 2011.  She had been shot in the hind leg and above the eye.  Haley’s owner, Rob Rezler, had been playing catch with her just two days before when she ran off and never returned.  He wonders why anyone would want to harm her.

The Humane Society of the United States is offering a $2,500 reward in her case.  “The citizens of Standish should be very concerned that someone in their community could callously shoot such a gentle dog. We are hopeful that this reward will bring forward anyone with information about this thoughtless crime.” Please contact the Arenac County Sheriff’s Office at 989-846-3002.