Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Hoshi had a bath and trim. It’s cold out but I shaved him down since his coat was too long. He actually let me shave his legs and paws this time. He hates the electric clippers on his front legs for some reason. I figured out an easier way to do the bottom lip — He won’t hold still. I start from his chin and shave up to his bottom lip. That’s against the grain but it lets me get at his lip.

Kiss him!

Hoshi’s bath today

It was time for a bath. Hoshi was scratching and I wondered if he had fleas. I didn’t find any fleas. I trimmed his face, between his legs, paws, and butt. He’s resting right now. He hates having his paws and lips done. It’s difficult doing between his nose and eyes–there’s not much room. I left the length because it’s still cold out. I botched his tuft so I shaved it off–everyone admires his tuft.

Here’s a video of Hoshi having his breakfast this morning:

Disappointed with Oster 7F blade

I ordered an Oster #7F blade from Amazon, but the product’s quality seemed mediocre. The upper blade was catching as I tried to slide it back and forth. The upper and lower blades were also misaligned; however, the blade worked when mounted on the clipper.

I also ordered A new dual-speed Oster A5. It came with a nicely polished #10 blade. I’m not sure why the #7F blade’s quality was so poor.

Oster 7F blade
Oster 7F blade
Oster 7F blade
Oster 7F blade

Deep lip folds

Hoshi’s unique short muzzle hides some deep lower lip folds. These are difficult to trim and keep clean. He’s prone for fungal infections because of it. I took him to the vet a few days ago and she said his condition wasn’t that serious. She said lip folds on some cocker spaniels are more problematic–recommending corrective surgery for some. Hoshi was sent home with Malaseb shampoo and Mupirocin ointment.

I’ve noticed the infection gets worse in between trims. Long hairs hide in those folds getting matted and dirty. I’ve decided to trim his lips more frequently (possibly every week). I’m also going to clean his lips periodically with baby wipes.

Hoshi’s walk

My cocker spaniel Hoshiko
My cocker spaniel Hoshiko

Hoshi went for a walk yesterday while Cathy was at the doctor’s.  It’s fun for him because we walked someplace new.  There was lots of vegetation for him to explore and run through.  That’s the face of a happy dog.

Hoshi had a bath and trim the day before.  He was panting indoors letting me know his coat was too warm.  He does this in the winter time too.  Just imagine if we lived somewhere hot like Florida or Texas. I trim him myself–not a gorgeous cut but utilitarian.