Christmas card exchange


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Anyone interested please reply here. We'll use addresses from last year's list. Let us know if your address changed. Don't post your address here (PM me instead).

If you don't want to participate but want a card from Hoshi let me know.

  1. Polly
  2. Nicole
  3. precious pumpkin
  4. Bella Rose
  5. Hersh'sMom
  6. peggy
  7. karenwalksthedogs
  8. DJ's Three
  9. cockermom
  10. manuel
  11. BeckyA
  12. MellyMelandLucky (waiting on address)
  13. ApolloShadow
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Me too, could we get a list again, pretty please
Okay, I sent everyone the list. Click on your name at the top and you'll see "Conversations." Message me if I made a mistake. I'll update the list as needed.
Hoshi's cards went out today. Got one from Becky. Don't forget Canadian postage is $1.20 and write AIR MAIL on the front.
I'm slow! I wait till Thanksgiving for my sister to take out picture. I just ordered mine today.
Me too Polly. Waiting to get my tree up for a back drop on Hannah's.

Got yours today Manuel...Hoshi looks great.
I got mine out but no pictures, too expensive. I've started getting cards and some cute pups are hanging on the card tree