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Hi Guys, looking for some advice on getting my beautiful golden cocker Ted groomed for the first time. He's 10 months old and i didn't want to get him trimmed through the winter. He has a lovely long coat but its getting a bit out of control and very woolly on his back now. We go out for walks every day and he loves going in muddy puddles and wading in the river when he gets chance, this makes keeping him clean a nightmare. Do i go for a classic cocker cut with his undercoat stripped out or would it be easier if he was shaved. i would still want him to keep his lovely hair on his head as hes developing quite a 90's boyband look. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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I would try the light trimm first. If that’s not enough you could try shaving next.

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He is so handsome! We usually do a 'puppy cut' where they are basically shaved all over. I love the flowing look but in my experiences that turns them into absolute Swiffer mops that pick up everything :)