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My ECS is 7 months and has started handstripping this week and they have done half his head as that was all that was ready. whilst it looks nice I think I prefer him with a quiff on top of his head. Will it grow back to a longer length, will the texture change and how long does it usually take to grow back. I do still want his back handstripping but I want to leave the rest to be longer especially his legs and on top of his head. He also has his the very top of his chest and neck shaved and not sure if I like that as well. Is there a reason why they do this or is it just what show cockers have done? Thanks Vikki


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Most cockers, American and English are shaved around the face, neck to above the chest and top half of their ears. I suggest you find a
cocker grooming group to ask your questions, especially if you plan to show your cocker. American Cockers don't usually have much
stripping on their topknot, but, they have more of a topknot then most English. Best to get your questions answered by the pros..
good luck! Oh, and most show breeders I see start hand stripping at a very young age.