4 year old cocker literally always hungry


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HELP!!! My 4 year old english cocker Oliver has always loved food but recently it's been out of control. He sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night and sits by his food bowl and cries. I feed him exactly the amount he should be eating with treats here and there so he definitely isn't underfed. He steals food out of people's hands, sleeps near his food bowl, and barks and howls when I cook. When I take him to the park he spends his whole time there sniffing around for leftover food. It's insanely out of control. I took him to the vet and they gave him a pill for tape worm which he doesn't have. Has anyone dealt with their cocker being this hungry??


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I've had 2 cocker spaniels with the same behavior. Hoshi loves walks. Why? Because he's forever looking for anything edible he comes across. Garbage day (when our block puts out garbage) is his favorite day. Don't encourage any eating not part of his normal diet.

Do not encourage:
  • family/friends feeding from table
  • begging
  • picking up strange things on walks

Do encourage:
  • regular meal times
  • dog appropriate food/treats
He sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night...He steals food out of people's hands.
This is a behavior issue. Don't encourage it. Has Oliver had obedience training? It would be a great place to start. It's important to be consistent and provide Oliver regular meal times. You've lived with Oliver for 4 years and have an idea how much food he needs. If your vet is satisfied with his weight, don't give him more when he begs--ignore this behavior.


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I'd do more bloodwork if the behavior is new. My cockers are always ready to eat too but it sounds like this is both extreme AND out of the norm for your dog. diabetes can make them hungry as can cushings (I think) and other diseases.

in the meantime, you can add high fiber low calorie foods to help her feel full like greenbeans, peas, celery etc.

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I think bloodwork panel is an excellent idea. I have a beagle and this behavior is pretty normal for them especially if they are not allowed to hunt.....but I would be concerned if Fiona had this problem---it seems to be a bit out of the range of normal and worth have a closer look.


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My Cocker is the same way and has been since I've had him. He's very healthy, I've just accepted it as part of his personality, I feed him late at night to tide him over so he isn't waking me up and other than that, I keep all food items waaay out of reach and fortunately he seems to have an indestructible digestive system so when he picks things up on walks, so be it.