Best way to transport puppy in a car?


We are due to pick up our Cocker Spaniel pup in 6 weeks time. I've been searching for the best way to transport a puppy in a car? Initially on her first journey home I will be sitting in the back of the car with her, but I am struggling to find what is best for future journeys? I've seen crates, dog guards, soft carriers/cradles and harnesses that attach to the seatbelt. Any suggestions on travelling as a pup and when she is bigger?



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With a puppy I’ve always thought the best way to transport them is in a crate. It helps to keep the puppy safe and also confine it. After all the puppy isn’t house trained and they usually don’t like to go in their crates so that helps. When they are older people use all kinds of methods for car travel. Some keep them in crates, others use guards, and some use harness seatbelts. I use seatbelts because they work best for our vehicles.


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for a puppy, there is no way I'd do anything but a crate. Not only are puppies rarely housebroken enough to be loose in a car but they tend to get sick too. much better to keep that confined to a crate.

as adults, I either crate or seatbelt them. a crate is better but occasionally I let Teddy sit upfront w/me.


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I use a crate and have ever since I got Callie. I have straps that go around the crate, then the seat belt go thru the straps. I know some people use the wire crates, I prefer the plastic. I've heard horror stories of the wire crates breaking in an impact and the wire spearing the dog.

Do not get a crate that your dog will grow into. Get one that's the correct size for the size she is. Callie had 2 smaller crates before she got the crate she's in now.
I second what cockermom said. We did that with our cocker puppy and she eventually fell asleep during the two hour ride home. We did put a folded up blanket in the drate and she seemed really comfortable. When she whined a bit. I stuck my fingers through the grate and she stayed close to my hand.
Also of note is that we watched a Canadian documentary about safety harnesses for dogs. They crashed tested them on stuffed animal dogs of different sizes with realistic weights. Everything they tested failed. They said the safest way to transport a dog was in a crate.