Costco was going to call the cops on me


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I was greeted by one of Costco's employees in the parking lot. She said is this your car? "I was just about to call the cops." She said they received complaints that I had left Hoshi in a freezing car for half an hour.

I'm sorry. I don't deal well with confrontation. I thanked her which made her angry then told her I would never return to this store. I placed my bluetooth thermometer in the car when I got home and timed it for 1 hour. It was 28 F outside. The temperature in the car was 51 F after a half hour. It dropped to 43 F after an hour. I don't call that freezing.

Was Hoshi safer and warmer left at home? Yes. Did Hoshi wan't to be left alone at home while I was shopping? No. The employee said leaving Hoshi in a freezing car was the same as being in a hot car. I appreciate her and the bystander's concern but use your head. Look at the animal and see if he's in distress. Was Hoshi cold and shivering? No.



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It snowed today. Hubby and I took Callie w/us when I did the PM feeding at the farm, then stopped at the store to get dinner and a few other things. (Power was out when we left.) She was fine in the car, not at all bothered by the colder temps. In fact, some days, I have trouble keeping her in the house when it's cold out.


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I’m sorry, I think someone overreacted. Hoshi probably enjoyed going for a ride with dad and was totally fine.


My thoughts are people are more interested in being politically correct than in being wise. One of Fiona's greatest joys in life is to accompany me on errands. Hoshi is probably the same way.