Hello from Alabama!


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Hello everyone!

Gunnar, my 7 weeks old cocker spaniel and I are new to this forum. I have lurked and read posts for a long while.

We used to have cocker spaniels when I was growing up. My parents have since stopped when they got older. They are now in their 70’s.

I have always had at least ONE cocker spaniels growing up. My last one passed away 2 years ago, at the age of 12. I couldn’t bring myself to own another one for so long because that cocker spaniel was MY baby, who went EVERYWHERE with me. He was thr SEEETEST thing, ever! I felt like I was replacing him.

Gunnar practically fell into my lap. We were at the vet for our other dog, a yorkie, but anyways— a vet’s friend brought these litter of 4 cocker spaniel pups in to be seen and checked out by the vet. The person was weepig of tears. Her mother was the one breeding them. She had suddenly passed away due to an heart attack and she was at loss what to do cause she did not share the same passion as her mom. I loved on these babies in the back while chatting with my friend.

I went home, yes. Without the cocker spaniel baby. I spoke with my husband. I cried over this situation. Next day, I called my friend at the vet back up. The rest is history.

This sweet baby came home with me today, 7 weeks old. Should have waited an extra week but due to circumstances. He came home with us and other 3 found their forever homes within the people inside the vet.

I look forward to being an Cocker Spaniel Mommy again.

He is in my profile picture. Also. I have put in 2 more photos of him lounging on his bed. ❤❤❤

Sorry so long!!



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Welcome Gunnar's mom! :wave: Thanks for sharing. Your puppy is cute.


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Welcome! Gunnar is beautiful. So sorry that lady lost her mother.