Hello from Baxter and his mom!


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Hi, I just stumbled into this forum. I don't have any questions now but look forward to seeing and hearing about other folks' Cockers. Baxter is my first, I adopted (rescued) him at approx. 9 y/o, 3 1/2 yr ago. He is an American Cocker, too big for breed standards but purebred as far as I can tell and very healthy. He is a total sweetheart.



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Welcome both of you. How much does Baxter weigh? Just curious, if your Baxter's mom why is your username Dale?


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Hi and thanks for the welcome. Baxter weighs about 40 lb and he's not overweight. Just a big boy. As for my user name...was I supposed to use my dog's name? Or are you just confused because you think Dale is a man's name. It can be both... (ever heard of Dale Evans?)