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Howdy y'all. I rescued a gorgeous choc tri boy from a guy who was gonna put him down because he couldnt sell him. He pulled him off his momma at 4 weeks, he was the runt and he could barely stand long enuff to potty. He is almost 3 months old and generally gets around very well. He moves both hind legs simultaneously and kinda hops like a rabbit. He is very loved and spoiled. Meet Dak. Im anxious to learn from y'all as he is my first Cocker.



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Why couldn't he sell him? Also, have you checked him out at the vet? Does he walk like that all the time?


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Yes i have taken him to the vet. She said its something spinal and he may grow out of it. Some days it isnt noticable and some days it is. I guess he didnt want to take him to the vet and have a large vet bill. I dont know. I didnt ask.


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I told the guy it was to young and he didnt care. I tried explainin to him that there is a lot of psychological development and behaviors that the momma still needed to teach. So, it wasn't me that insisted on a pup at 4 weeks old. I was just tryin to give a little back ground.


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Glad to hear it was the other guy. I got a pup really young once because the mother got real sick and couldn't care for the pups. So, I get where you're coming from.