Hi! Looking for cherry eye advice

Dena Marie

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Hi all! SO glad to have found this forum. I've searched the cherry eye topic and it seems y'all are split on the type of surgery recommended. My girl is almost 5 months, and we are planning to have surgery done when she goes in for her spay in a month or 2. One vet i got an estimate from only does the removal of the third eyelid, the other will try the tuck/tack method if I wish. Is removal really not recommended? The vet that does it says he has very rarely seen dry eye problems after removal...

Thanks in advance!


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My previous cocker had cherry eye. We did the tuck and tack method. It worked wonderfully. My daughter’s cocker also had the tuck and tack method on her eye. Eloise is about 13 and hasn’t had any problems either. I don’t know about dry eye from gland removal but with the tacking there have been no issues.


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My first cocker, Ebony, had cherry eye. However, I don't know which procedure they did on her. It's been about 40 years ago. I do know that she never had any more problems w/it once it was done.


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My Stormy had both eyes done by his breeder before she placed him with me at 5 years old. He had the full gland removal, and in his later years had dry eye.