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I am the owner of a chocolate and white parti and am currently looking to get another cocker puppy so my chocolate and white has some company. I am an empty nester and I think this dog really needs a bigger pack since we lack a household of playing kids. Hoping to share and learn some things about cocker spaniels here.


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Here is my girl. She needs a haircut and has some tan paint on her muzzle from helping me paint the fence! She is actually a chocolate and white with ticking. Interestingly, when I picked her out at 4 weeks, she had no ticking. The ticking came in at about 6-7 weeks.



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Welcome, Sasha is a beauty, good luck in your puppy search.


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@manuel. Thank you! She is 1 1/2 years old.

@Polly. Thanks. I could use some luck as I am no expert on Cocker Spaniel breeding. I am just trying to choose a breeder that keeps the puppies inside with them as part of their family.

@karenwalksthedogs. Thanks! I thought a buff and white parti might be a good contrast to her coloring.

@dizzy. Thank you :)