Hoshi's new bed


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They call it a cot and it's supposed to be cooler to sleep on. I put it together about 4 days ago. I've been getting him used it by having him play on it with his plushies. This evening I looked over and he was sleeping on it for the first time. I'm hoping he'll sleep more comfortably on it in the summer. I'll try to get a picture of him on it.



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I have a similar one in my basement somewhere. A million years ago someone was making them as a fundraiser for a cocker rescue group and sent me ones with a plan so I could make them for our group and I never made them or used it as my dogs have all preferred to sleep with me.

but Princess likes to sleep in a dog bed sometimes so thanks for reminding me about it.

Weird to think about keeping them cool while they sleep so soon after the snow melted!