Hungry cocker!

Gwen Massey

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Hi everyone,
Thanks for the advice about Oscar. All I can say is he already has a regular feeding schedule. Breakfast; Dinner, Tea. I ensure he has at least 4 hours between each meal and do not feed him after 5pm to try and reduce the need to go out during the night.
I changed him to a grain free kibble last night which contains 70% chicken 30% sweet potato, fruit & veg, I am hoping this will fill him up!! My vet says he is overweight. I strongly disagree. He is only ever given the recommended daily allowance, he is never given scraps, so he weighs what he weighs because he is a healthy, stocky, male cocker.
Everyone tells me cocker's are greedy but, honestly, this hasn't been the case with my dogs. I do not believe Oscar is greedy, I believe he is simply hungry because the food I was giving him just wasn't sufficiently filling for him. It was like feeding a baby water instead of full cream milk.
Anyway, I will see how we get on with this grain free stuff and let everyone know our progress in a few weeks time; if anyone is interested.
Thanks again.


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Thanks for the Germany explanation and I'll be interested in your follow up post about Oscar. I like the idea suggestion @poptart mentioned using antlers to keep his mouth busy. Treat balls and dog treat puzzle games would be another suggestion along that line.


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Welcome Gwen! Sounds like you have your hands full. Do keep us posted and good luck!:)


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I hope the new food helps. Has your cocker had his thyroid checked? Sometimes a cocker with a low thyroid level will become extremely hungry and they are often overweight despite only being fed the recommended amount of food. It might not be the case for your dog but it is something to consider.