Idiopathic Epilepsy

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Hi all

My darling little boy (although almost 7 now) was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy in March 2016 after two seizures three months apart. We didn’t start any treatment as my vet advised to wait another three months for the next seizure. That would have been June 2016 but nothing happened. That is until Sunday (19th August 2018) when he had what appeared to be two seizures in one in the back of our car (we were parked). We’ve returned to the vets and they’ve taken various blood tests, just waiting for the results.

I’ve done an awful lot of googling (lethal I know) and have found some interesting sites about ‘triggers’. We’re concered he may have an ear infection at the moment but he’s not the easiest dog for vets to touch especially when something hurts which his ears appear to so it’s difficult to tell. Has anyone else heard of this being a trigger for seizures? Has anyone had a dog go two years without one and then they return?

The vet has suggested sedating him to look at his ear drum but that comes with risks of fits during or after the op. I’m worried about this and wondered if they could just treat an ear infection without being 100% sure he has one? He’s shaking his head, tilting his head to one side, screams when you go near the inside or back of either ear so I’m pretty confident he has one! They managed to look inside both and saw a lot of wax but no foreign objects.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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These are questions for a vet and beyond any advice we could offer. Please continue to see your vet or one that specializes in neurology. Triggers can be sights, smells, noises, just like seizures in people.
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