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Hi all ๐Ÿ™‹
I'm new here and my hello comes all the way from South Africa!

I'm a soon to be spaniel mom, my little boy is coming home on the 8th of August and I've already started the naming list. I'm getting him a bed with his name on it and personalised collar as well, I like to be prepared ๐Ÿ™Œ
I want to bring him home and just make sure he feels cosy and doesn't miss his old home or his litter too much, he will have all the spoils...bit first, he needs a name.

Any ideas? Or suggestions?
He is a light coloured English spaniel (will probably get darker and golden with age)


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Hello. What's it like in Africa? How did you end up there? I've named my dogs from personal experiences that were meaningful to me.
Haha I'm Indian South African, born and brought up in South Africa :)

I looked at him and said that's my Aldo but my husband said that's a strange name... He wants Charlie lol. I have 2 sons, Aryan and Aarav and I wanted my third son to also have a name starting with A


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Well you do have a theme going with the letter A. I usually like to meet my dogs first and a name comes to me but everyone has their own way of coming up with names.