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Hi Guys,

We are new here. We are based in the uk North West and both have businesses in the Wedding Industry. We have been talking for a long time about getting a pet dog as a new member of the family and after a lot of thought and consideration and searching, we are so happy to say we have found a gorgeous little Cocker Sprocker, boy. We can't collect him until 1st June but were both (and our 14 year old son) really looking forward to welcoming him to his new home. After looking at lots of names, we have decided that he is going to be named Baxter. :)

Does anyone else own one? We have had one at home on a regular occasion as our friend has one 'Charlie' and we look after him when they go on holiday abroad and then we all go camping together where he happily runs around, he loves it and soon he will have a friend to join him.

All the best

Stuart & Kala
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I've heard of them. Both breeds have similar appearance and seem like a good fit.


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Just about everyone on here has a cocker spaniel. Some have American and some have English. Cant wait to see puppy pictures.


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I'll admit to having never heard of a Sprocker. I had to look them up. Sounds like a nice mix. Can't wait to hear more about your boy.


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Welcome, I had one that I rescued years ago, his name was Patrick, he was a wonderful dog, a very happy boy. You will love yours.