New Rescue Cocker: age and working or show.


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Everyone! New here and to the world of dog ownership! (And cockers too)

I rescued a cocker last week. So far she has been great! Struggles with being left alone for short periods but hopefully that will come.

I was wondering if there’s any way to work out her age. We’ll be going to the vet next week so hopefully they have some advice. She seems to have a small build and big paws. So has some growing to do I think.

I’m also not sure if she’s a working or show type. She has a clipped coat at the moment so that maybe makes it harder to tell. Her ears seem long and low set to me, although she doesn’t seem “stocky” like a show cocker.

Thanks :)




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Welcome! She is beautiful. I'm sure your vet will give you a good guess as to her age.