Researched best plastic Crate at a good price


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I have been looking to purchase a second crate for our new puppy. I called Petmate customer service with some questions about issues I have had with their crates in the past. I have a crate from 20+ years ago for a cat that was in storage for many years in my basement. The grate did not rust at all. However, I have purchased 3 crates from same manufacturer and those grates all rusted. Customer Service Rep said that they changed to chrome some years ago. However, they have recently switched to silver plated and those will be more rust-resistant. At this time, only their website stocks the silver-plated grates/ crates. She also indicated the thickness of the plastic was the same for most of their crates and only minimally different for their more expensive airline crates.

At this time though there is only one crate that comes with a black powder-coated grate- it is the RuffMax. I got it at Menards for only $40! Funny thing is that I got the one (28") with the picture of the cocker spaniel that has the same coloring as mine :).



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That looks very similar to the one we got at Tractor Supply for Callie. We leave that one at home and have another one we use for traveling. I think this is the one we use Petmate® Compass Pet Carrier | dog Carriers & Crates | PetSmart. We have straps that go around the crate, and then the seat belt goes thru the straps. I have a pad in the bottom, so she's comfy when we travel.

Last month, we went on vacation to Kentucky, came home in one day. (Never again!) She was fine, even though it took us about 13 hours!


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@dizzy. The size is good; seems 28" is standard for Cockers. The benefit of the Ruff-Maxx is that the grate is black powder-coated, so it will not rust. I am one of those people who prefer to buy something one time only! I get irritated when products don't last and I have to shopping again for the same item. On the plus side though when dealing with Petmate is that they offer replacement for the chrome grates through their website. We ordered a replacement for our Pet Porter grate that rusted and I think they only charged us around $16. They had a deal on free shipping at the time I ordered it- so, overall it was a good deal. The replacement they sent us was black powder-coated. ALso- the 28" Ruff Maxx has a handle which I find handy when traveling. When we check into hotel with our dog, I have the leash in one hand and the crate in the other. Without the handle, it takes me two hands to carry the crate. (I never try to carry the crate with the dog inside it as I don't think the handle is strong enough.)
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