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I am having my cocker's pad biopsied next week. We're treating the raw spot on the pad of his back foot with antibiotics this week first to make sure he didn't just step on something. I fear it is a tumor and was told this was fairly common in cocker spaniels. Is this true? It appeared out of nowhere and I've acted on it quickly. If anyone has had this happen to their baby, I'd love to get some input from you. I'm terrified right now. Cleatus is only 4 and is in great health otherwise.


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Your best course of action is following up with your vet. Tumors are common in cocker spaniels and usually don't cause problems. This one on the paw might have been scraped during one of his walks. It should heal up quickly. Your vet may decide on removing it if it becomes problematic. Sorry we can't be much help with this.
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