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So I got a new "device." My laptop is in for repairs and it automatically logged me in. I still have Fiona who will be 3 on Aug 31st and my elderly , 17 year old beagle, Glenn (who still enjoys life). Fi is still very much like living with a toddler but I still find her highly entertaining. She plays with my 16 month old grandaughters toys, jumps into the bathtub with her to plays with Millies toys, swipes anything that catches her fancy, and knows lots of tricks including going down the slides at the parks we visit. By now the kids recognize us and come running over to see Fi do her tricks and ask if I can make her go down the slide, lol. Thanks to this forum she has had no problems with her ears. I did shave her whole torso down for the summer. At full maturity her coat was so heavy and dense that it became necessary for her comfort and well being. It took a little getting used to....without her coat she is a rather small dog (way undersized for her breed) but quite the little dynamo.



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Mel! Welcome back! Fiona looks as beautiful as ever.