We got a cockapoo, or a spaniel, not sure

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Hi all,
In early May we adopted a 8 week old puppy, sold to us as a cockapoo. She is now just past 16 weeks, and a little over 9 lbs, her name is Kira. She's been great so far.

We're just not sure she is actually a cockapoo. I know they can vary a lot in how much of the traits they get from each parent, so it's possible she just got almost all the cocker spaniel looks, but right now she just looks like a cocker spaniel to me.

We don't care much except we wanted a cockapoo to reduce the chances of allergies for my Wife, who is allergic to most cats and some dogs. So far no problems with allergies, and she does seem to shed very little.

I built an outdoor doggy-john for her, an 8x4 foot gravel area to do her business. It's plumbed underneath so we can just rinse it out from time to time to get rid of urine. She uses that pretty well, though still goes in the grass once in a while. She also still will pee inside the house once every few days, it doesn't seem to be that she urgently needs to go and we miss it, she just will walk into a room even when we're in it, and pee. We're trying to work on this by rewarding her when she does go outside, which is almost always. We have no carpets so it's easy cleanup at least.

She sleeps through the night fine in her crate, sometimes upto 10 hours, with no accidents. We usually put her in around 8pm, take her pee at 10pm, then she sleeps until we get up around 6:30am. On occasion she's gone right from 8pm to 6:30am the next day.

She's starting to like walks but is still nervous sometimes and will just park her butt and not move. If the whole family is along though we never have that issue. She's also nervous around most other dogs. It's funny to watch because you can see she wants to play with them but every time they move or bark she gets worried and runs away.
She loves people, when on walks she pulls me towards every person she sees. She usually pees (submissive urination) when she meets a new person.

She loves our cat, always wanting to lick her and climb on her. The cat is fine with the dog except when the dog gets in her face which is pretty often. She'll give the dog a whack or two to get her to back off. When the dog is calm they'll happily lay beside each other.

She loves the kids too. She's always happy to see them and loves playing with them. She does chase them and bite their clothes sometimes, mostly our 6 year old. We've told them this is because they are jumping and running around and she thinks they want to play. So we're trying to get the kids to be more calm around her and tell her "NO" when she does that. She doesn't do it to my wife or I.

Photos attached are a bit old but she still looks mostly the same.

No matter which breed she ends up being, we'll love her.



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I'm not that familiar with cockapoos but Kira could easily pass for a cocker spaniel. I'm glad there's no allergy issues. Is that her coat length or do you have her clipped? Regular grooming with a slicker brush will keep shedding down to a minimum. Sounds like your doing a good job with her potty routine. Just keep it up. You might want to be more vigilant with her around the house until she shows more improvement.

Here's a link for re-training your dog at home: Re-housetraining Your Dog - Dumb Friends League


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Hi and welcome to you and Kira. She is a little doll. She sure does look more like a cocker. When I trained my pup, I kept him tethered to me while in the house. I kept him on a schedule and even his outdoors were scheduled. They will have accidents, use an enzyme cleaner on the spots.


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All the cockapoos I've seen have had a coat more like a poodle.

As for allergies, until I went for several years of allergy shots, I was " very allergic" to dogs. But, I never had a problem w/Cockers. The only dogs that I seemed to be allergic to were those that weren't well cared for. Come to think of it, it was the same w/cats. I was actually shocked when I was told I was allergic to them since they didn't normally bother me.


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Just like golden doodles, cockapoos can vary greatly in looks. Some have poodle hair, some cocker ears, etc. some look very poodle like, some look like cockers, and many look like a mix. Kira sure is a cutie though. To me she does look like she has a poodle nose but mainly looks like a cocker spaniel. It will be interesting to see what she looks like when her fur comes in.

Kira sounds like a wonderful girl and you're lucky to have each other.

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What a darling dog--looks mostly cocker to me--but that doesn't mean that your sweet baby isn't a cockapoo. Someone made the point in here that when you mix breeds---the results are not always stable. I would agree....I have seen several golden doodles and some look more golden and some more doodle and some look a perfect mix of the two.

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I had a cockerpoo as a child and she had the straight hair of a cocker not a poodle, but with the poodle type nose like your puppy.


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Hi, I was in exactly the same boat as you. My cockapoo Milton (now 2) looked exactly like yours - I've attached some photos, which will also show his progression.

His litter was split between either looking just like him, or were black and very typically cockapoo-like. He has been the most amazing dog, but few people think he is a cockapoo. Enjoy.


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Wow, Milton looks almost exactly like Kira. She is now 11 months old.
This is from when she was about 10 months old, I'll need to get a new photo.
Kira's lovely! Yes, they look more like siblings than some of his siblings did - it really was a 50/50 split :) It's good to hear there are other cockapoos who look just like ours :) Probably not many though. I like that it makes him quite unique, as unique as his already is to me :)
Kira's lovely! Yes, they look more like siblings than some of his siblings did - it really was a 50/50 split :) It's good to hear there are other cockapoos who look just like ours :) Probably not many though. I like that it makes him quite unique, as unique as his already is to me :)
Just to add, ours used to pee when meeting someone new too, and although goes out every day with other dogs, he is more interested in swimming, balls and people than playing/chasing dogs. He's an independent thing whilst he never runs off far and his recall is great. He's fine with dogs, just doesn't actively seek out their company in parks etc and does his own thing. He had anxiety with bikes and sirens, but is much better with that now too.
I always wanted a Cockapoo because of the low shedding as I am also allergic and had a good experience with owning a poodle some years ago. I got Pedro a Cockapoo who looks nothing like normal Cockapoo, to the point other people challenge ne when I say his breed. He is adorable, all the other pups in his litter looked just like conventional Cockapoos but Pedro is a mush mash of a poodle and cocker where cocker is obviously the dominant gene. We love him. He is so cute! And I like the fact he was the runt of the litter, smallest with shortish coat. 22305C92-01F9-4A51-ABC2-B5AF030E15CE.jpeg 22305C92-01F9-4A51-ABC2-B5AF030E15CE.jpeg 47892EF8-B0F6-49DF-A3B7-904D20762B06.jpeg
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