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We have two adopted 6 year old English Cocker Spaniels named Oreo & Rusty. They're brothers from a litter of 6 who's elderly parents could no longer take care of them. I'd say it had been that way for some time as the pups were matted and in poor condition. Thanks to the efforts of a wonderful rescue team these boys are in great condition and a perfect addition to our family. They have some socialization issues so that's one reason I joined this forum. I hope to learn much and share ideas.

We also adopted our previous wigglebutt at the age of 7-7.5 years. He lived to be 15 and had an amazing soul that could touch anyone. He sent us these two, but that's a story for another time.
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Welcome and thanks for adopting. Those two were fortunate to have found you and a great pet rescue. I have one 9 year old cocker spaniel named Hoshi. I keep thinking of him as a pup. Time goes by too quickly.


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I have one English cocker that I keep thinking of as a pup. Wait, she's only 6.5 months old, so I guess she's still a pup!

Welcome. Your 2 are beautiful.