How You Can Help Cockers


Contribute to organizations that support animal welfare

Volunteer at cocker rescues, Humane Societies or animal shelters

Support legislation for animal welfare

Educate yourself and others on ways to reduce the suffering and exploitation of animals

Boycott irresponsible breeders and pet stores that sell dogs

Would you like to adopt a homeless cocker spaniel but just don't have the time or resources?  There are other ways you can help.  You can always make contributions to organizations that support animal welfare like the Humane Society of the United States.  By supporting organizations like this your contributions go towards helping all animals in the U.S.  Ask your employer about making automatic deductions from your wages for your favorite charities.

Volunteering at a cocker rescue or animal shelter can be a rewarding experience.  You will have gained the personal satisfaction that your actions directly helped a needy animal.  Click Cocker Home Finder to find a rescue in your area.

Become actively involved in issues that concern animal welfare.  Lobbyists have a direct impact on the governing of our nation.   Join organizations such as the Society for Animal Protective Legislation which champion animal welfare issues in Washington DC.

Knowledge on animal related issues allows you to make truly informed decisions and provides you the ability to share information with others on such issues as spay & neutering programs, animal abuse, and the humane treatment of animals.

Buying cocker spaniels from pet stores only fuels the puppy mill industry which only exists to make profit.  Similarly, purchasing from irresponsible breeders only perpetuates hereditary disease as well as abusive and unethical treatment of cockers.


Dog-related charities recognized by the U.S. government

  1. Charity name
  2. Phone number
  3. Web site
  4. EIN# Allows you to obtain charity's financial information from the IRS
  5. Description
  6. The % reveals how much a charity spends on fundraising and administrative costs.

Animal Charities of America 800-626-5892 EIN#94-3193389 - Protecting pets, wildlife, and endangered species. Teaching people to treat animals with respect. Humane training of animals as helpmates and companions to people in need. 1.5%

American Humane Association 866-AHA-1877 EIN#84-0432950 - Help us rescue animals and children from cruelty, neglect, abuse, and exploitation. Help us teach compassion, responsibility, and respect. Help those who can’t help themselves. 25.9%*

Animal Care Committee 301-963-4751 EIN#22-2527462 - Psychologists working to reexamine the ways people relate to animals; and, through educational programs, develop more compassionate attitudes and behavior toward people and animals. 22.5%

Animal Legal Defense Fund 707-769-7771 EIN#94-2681680 - To protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system, thus reducing violence and promoting principles of justice and compassion. 21.4%

Animal Protection Institute 800-348-7387 EIN#94-6187633 - Advocating for animals since 1968. Your donation helps us prevent animal suffering, protect against animal abuse, and provide free-range sanctuary for rescued primates. 10.6%

Animal Welfare Institute 202-337-2332 EIN#13-5655952 - Publishes factual research on wild and domestic animal cruelty issues and works to end such abuses as steel-jaw traps, commercial whaling, and “factory farms.” 6.5%

ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 212-876-7700 EIN#13-1623829 - Your gift will help prevent cruelty and alleviate the fear and suffering of animals through adoption, education, veterinary care, humane law enforcement and spay/neuter programs. 22.5%

Dedication and Everlasting Love to Animals 661-269-4010 EIN#95-3759277 - Only organization in America rescuing dogs and cats abandoned in the wilderness, housing over 1400 of them at its 150-acre, no-kill sanctuary. 10.4%

Fund for Animals 212-246-2096 EIN#13-6218740 - Safeguards, rehabilitates and provides sanctuary for America’s wildlife and domestic animals. Provides low-cost spay/neuter. Through education, litigation and legislation opposes animal cruelty. 15.4%

Hearts United for Animals 402-274-3679 EIN#47-0773858 - No-kill shelter and sanctuary with national network rescue for abused animals, providing shelter for pets of domestic abuse families; National Anti-Puppy Mill campaign. 13.3%

In Defense of Animals 415-388-9641 EIN#68-0008936 - Fight animal exploitation, cruelty and abuse by supporting our undercover investigations, grassroots activism, rescue operations, lobbying, lawsuits, and our abused animal and African chimpanzee sanctuaries. 17.8%

New England Anti-Vivisection Society 617-523-6020 EIN#04-2104756 - To end human and animal suffering, NEAVS develops and supports alternatives to animal research, cruelty-free education, compassionate legislation, and progressive, ethical science. 11.1%

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 757-622-PETA EIN#52-1218336 - Your contribution will help us stop suffering and save animal lives. We fight cruelty through education, investigations, grassroots campaigns, rescues, advocacy, and messages of compassion. 19.2%

United Animal Nations 800-440-3277 EIN#68-0124097 - UAN rescues animals during disasters (the Emergency Animal Rescue Service), provides emergency aid to animals in crisis, and works to prevent abuse and suffering. 23.8%


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