Hoshi doing well with dry food

Hoshi’s been taking Canidae’s Pure Ancestral for two weeks now. He gobbles it up right away and has nice firm stools. The only difference I notice is the increased amount of stool. I would say it’s about 3 times as much compared to his raw chicken diet.

Canidae Pure Ancestral

Hoshi has gained too much weight. He normally has 3 to 4 chicken thighs a day but I’ve been substituting one with dry food . Lately, it’s been 4 servings so I’m cutting it down to 3.

Gave Hoshi a bath

This was another bad summer for fleas. I’ve been using Frontline and a homemade flea repellent but Hoshi’s belly was still peppered with fleas. I gave him a thorough bath, trimmed his essentials. I even coaxed him with cheese into having a few nails trimmed.

Hoshi after bath and groom
All clean and trimmed
Time Activity
2:15 Bath & blow dry
1:30 Trim
3:45 Total Time

Adding store-bought food to Hoshi’s diet

Hoshi has been on a raw diet for eight years now. He does really well on it. His stools are well formed too. I prepare his food myself but it’s time consuming. I’ve decided to add a little store-bought food to his diet and save some time. I’ve been substituting a chicken thigh with ½ cup of dog food. He tolerates it well although his stools are slightly soft.

I’m using Castor & Pollux’s Organix right now but bought Merrick’s Backcountry and Canidae’s Pure Ancestral to try later. If he does okay, I might add more dry food to his diet to save even more time.

Castor & Pollux's Organix
Castor & Pollux
Merrick Backcountry
Canidae Pure Ancestral


Obedience training weeks 3-4

Week Three: Lessons included “come.” Hoshi sits and few feet away then comes and sits at my feet facing me. Introduced “heel” taking a few steps then Hoshi sits at my side.

Week Four: Lessons included recall using long-lead. Practiced “stay.” Hoshi would stay until I came up to him and gave him a treat. “Heel” with me abruptly walking backwards then stopping–I would call Hoshi and have him turn around and sit at my feet facing me.