Obedience training weeks 3-4

Week Three: Lessons included “come.” Hoshi sits and few feet away then comes and sits at my feet facing me. Introduced “heel” taking a few steps then Hoshi sits at my side.

Week Four: Lessons included recall using long-lead. Practiced “stay.” Hoshi would stay until I came up to him and gave him a treat. “Heel” with me abruptly walking backwards then stopping–I would call Hoshi and have him turn around and sit at my feet facing me.

A handy pill splitter

Hoshi started taking 1 and 1/2 tablets of Vetmedin for his heart. It was causing intestinal problems so they asked me to give 1 and 1/4 tablets instead. I didn’t like the cheap pill splitter I had. I ordered one from Amazon that does a good job cutting pills evenly without smashing them. It’s solid metal and I think the added weight does a better job cutting pills.

Cutting pill into quarters
Cutting pill into quarters