Hoshi had a bath yesterday

Hoshi smelled terrible after getting wet in the rain so it was bath time. No fleas this time. Hoshi cooperated more than usual and I shaved his front legs (as much as he would allow). I took care of the basics including face, rear, and paws.

That look!

We came back from our walk this morning and his feet were black as coal from all the dirt he walked through so I washed them. Good as new!

Hoshi at Huroc Park, Flatrock, MI

We stopped at Huroc Park and took pictures on a cloudy day (April 18, 2018).

Brought Hoshi to work

The weather was cooperating so I brought Hoshi along with me. I bought a SensorPush thermometer and placed it in the car to monitor the temperature. I parked in the parking deck underground so the temperature is fairly constant. I was able to take him on a walk around 3:00 am.

Cocker spaniel on his walk
Hoshi @ 3:00 am in the morning

Organic chicken but no bones :(

Both Meijer and Kroger have been selling organic chicken but without bone. The bone is crucial for Hoshi’s digestion. Hoshi has soft unformed stools with meat alone. Luckily, I found some whole chicken thighs by Katie’s Best.

I was forced to work four hours overtime yesterday morning because someone called in sick. Hoshi was expecting me to come home at 7:30 am and was frantic when I didn’t. I was getting numerous notifications from my Petcube after 8:00 am because Hoshi was looking for me. He peed for what seemed a lifetime when I let him out.

I’m working four days in a row so I’m preparing at least 16 chicken thighs today. I remove the skin and fat then grind up the bone. I place each thigh in a ziplock and freeze some.

skinless organic chicken
Organic chicken at Meijer