Gabby’s Cardiology Appointment

Gabby saw his cardiologist this morning. He’s being treated for mitral valve disease and an enlarged heart. Good news! Gabby did well today. He had an EKG, ultrasound of his heart, blood work, and a chest x-ray. The blood work hasn’t come back but the cardiologist was pleased with his chest x-ray, ultrasound, and EKG. She says little has changed since last year. She was pleased with his EKG because last year he began having an irregular fast heartbeat. She wants to see us in August or September and keep an eye on his cough in the meantime. These are Gabby’s heart medications.

  1. Lasix 40mg twice daily: (water pill) treats fluid in his lungs
  2. Aldactone 12.5mg twice daily: (water pill) inhibits hormones that contribute to his heart failure
  3. Vasotec 5mg twice daily (blood pressure pill) reduces his blood pressure and inhibits hormones that contribute to his heart failure
  4. Digoxin 125mcg twice daily (antiarrythmic) treats his irregular fast heartbeat