Heartworm Negative!

The vet’s office called back and let us know his heart worm test was negative. Last year, Gabby came up positive. Maybe cause I started him so late or maybe I forgot a month. Last year was a complete fiasco. His cardiologist wanted him to have the heart worm shot. His regular vet said he was an old dog and would probably die of something else before heart worms. Well, Gabby had the heart worm shot and almost died. I had to rush him to OVRS because Gabby was about to stop breathing on me and his regular vet didn’t have a clue. Gabby spent the weekend in their ICU on oxygen and IV fluids. OVRS even called at one point and told me it didn’t look good asking me what to do if Gabby stopped breathing. Gabby pulled through and NO MORE HEARTWORM SHOTS.

The office also said the BUN was 50. That’s high but they said it was just about the same as last time and they weren’t concerned as long as he was doing well.