Cocker spaniels with special needs

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England (CSRNE) has some very special cocker spaniels. They have medical conditions that require special care. This makes adoption to loving homes difficult for them as they are passed over by younger, healthier cockers. Penny, a buff cocker spaniel, was found tied to a lamp post at a Lowes store. Unfortunately, she has Cushing’s disease causing her to have urinary incontinence. “Cushing’s dogs drink enormous amounts of water and pee a lot,” says June Quintin, a volunteer for CSRNE. “I would say I change her diaper two or three times a day.”

There’s also a buff cocker spaniel named Bam Bam who has myasthenia gravis–a disease that causes muscle weakness. Bam Bam has to be fed upright instead of eating with his head down in a bowl to prevent him from choking. It takes veterinary staff about twenty-five minutes each day to feed him. CSRNE has invested about $5,000 caring for these dogs in efforts to place them in loving homes. If you are interested in adoption or would like to donate please call (603) 547-3363.