Adopted cocker spaniel saves family

Oscar, a buff six-year-old cocker spaniel, woke his family up early Monday morning after flames engulfed the front of their New Jersey home. “If he didn’t come and scratch on the door, I wouldn’t have got out of bed,” said Laurie Esarco. Laurie and her husband were able to wake their children and get them to safety. The family is grateful to Oscar whom they adopted from a shelter. “He saved our lives. He’s a rescue dog that we rescued, and he turned around and rescued us,” Alex Esarco said.

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  1. Thank you for helping so many wonderful Cockers. I have been rescueing Cockers for many years. I currently have 2 rescue Cockers. Tyler a Parti male & Ki Ki a chocolate female who is blind. Both are wonderful “babies”
    Cockers RULE in our house !

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