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Cocker spaniels rescued in Lamar, MO

Neglected cocker spaniel
Neglected cocker spaniel, Fox News St. Louis

Sixteen cocker spaniels were rescued from a Lamar, Missouri kennel on November after the owner died.  The dogs were severely neglected–several were blind.  They were sent to rescue groups throughout the country last weekend.  Four dogs went to Colorado, five went to Ohio, and seven went to New York. When the four cockers arrived in Colorado Cari Meyers, founder of The Puppy Mill Project, said, “They had never been groomed or cared for and were just a big matted mess. It was so bad; one of the dogs couldn’t walk. When they finally were shaved down and bathed, one dog had over 11 pounds of dreadlocked fur shaved off.” (see photos)

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