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Cocker spaniels rescued from Iowa breeder

Officers in Sac County, Iowa seized 88 cocker spaniels from an unidentified breeder. Officers described the conditions as “deplorable.” Cockers had matted hair with feces and the smell was terrible. “It didn’t look like this facility was inspected by any jurisdiction,” said Josh Colvin of the Animal Rescue League (ARL). “These animals were basically being stacked on top of each other.” As many as six cockers are possibly pregnant. Colvin describes this as one of the worst cases of abuse he’s seen in the state. Police say charges are forthcoming. Cockers inspected by the Anamosa Veterinary Clinic had eye infections, sores, and severe dental disease.

The cocker spaniels were transported to various shelters throughout the region. Some stayed with the ARL. Four additional rescues will assist in care. Please make donations to the Cedar Valley Humane Society or the ARL. The cockers should be available for adoption in a couple weeks. None of them were aggressive. “This is great step in the direction of getting them adopted,” said Bob Citrullo, executive director of the Cedar Valley Humane Society.

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