Bath Day!

I started grooming Hoshi at 12:30 am and finished at 6:00 am. I tried to save some drying time and trim some of his coat before the bath. It didn’t work that well because the static electricity mussing up his hair. His bath took a bit longer than usual while I removed a mat under his right eye (eye matter caught in his hair).

I think there was a flea in his coat while blow drying his coat. It didn’t move and most likely dead. Hoshi resisted having his arm pits and front legs shaved so I did my best. He’s clean and cute though.

Hoshi’s replacement shears

I bought a pair of shears maybe 10 years ago from Sally Beauty mainly because pet shears are so expensive. They’re easy to work with and cut well except they’re getting dull. I went back to Sally’s today and found a pair that looks exactly the same minus the detachable finger rests.

Silver Blue Rhythm Shear

Stinky lips

Things have been hectic at home and I’ve neglected grooming Hoshi like I normally do. Hoshi has deep lower lip folds which hide hair. He’s mouth was really smelly these past few months. Monday I tried my best trimming his face and lips and he smells much better now.