Hoshi’s new harness

On June 15, 2016, Hoshi started limping on his front paw. I thought he may have hurt it but the vet said he may have strained his back or neck. His limping lasted several days then disappeared. She suggested replacing his collar with a harness. I bought a Kong harness but it didn’t fit. Maybe I got the wrong size. I found a Chai’s Choice harness on Amazon. The new harness fits well and Hoshi doesn’t seem to mind wearing it.

Hoshi with mums
Hoshi with mums

Hoshi’s chicken dinner

Here’s a picture of one of Hoshi’s raw chicken meals. It’s slightly different from usual because the bone is ground–Hoshi just had some teeth pulled. It’s a skinless thigh with the fat removed. I added a few slices of gizzard and topped it with ground thigh bone.

raw cut up chicken
Hoshi’s chicken dinner

Hoshi had 3 teeth pulled

Hoshi had a teeth cleaning today. I was nervous about having it done because of the anesthesia. He also had one premolar and two incisors pulled–which I wasn’t expecting. I’m glad he’s home safe. I think he peed himself at the vet. After he had his first cleaning, he’s been afraid of the vet.

I haven’t been brushing his teeth regularly until lately. He’s always so resistant to having it done, but I haven’t been giving him a choice. He won’t let me use a regular toothbrush, so I use finger toothbrush to clean his teeth. The finger toothbrush is bulky and doesn’t clean well.

I had to prepare Hoshi’s dinner differently because of his tooth extractions. I ground his chicken bones with a hand grinder. The grinder won’t fit our kitchen counters, so I attached it to Hoshi’s grooming table. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it would work. I ground the bones four times using the largest blade.

Ground chicken bone and grinder
Ground chicken bone