Hoshi’s bath today

It was time for a bath. Hoshi was scratching and I wondered if he had fleas. I didn’t find any fleas. I trimmed his face, between his legs, paws, and butt. He’s resting right now. He hates having his paws and lips done. It’s difficult doing between his nose and eyes–there’s not much room. I left the length because it’s still cold out. I botched his tuft so I shaved it off–everyone admires his tuft.

Here’s a video of Hoshi having his breakfast this morning:

Hoshi’s new harness

On June 15, 2016, Hoshi started limping on his front paw. I thought he may have hurt it but the vet said he may have strained his back or neck. His limping lasted several days then disappeared. She suggested replacing his collar with a harness. I bought a Kong harness but it didn’t fit. Maybe I got the wrong size. I found a Chai’s Choice harness on Amazon. The new harness fits well and Hoshi doesn’t seem to mind wearing it.

Hoshi with mums
Hoshi with mums