Cocker spaniel found in bag: Arrests made (NJ)

Keith Morgan arrested for animal cruelty
Keith Morgan arrested for animal cruelty

Police have arrested the couple who “found” a seriously ill cocker spaniel along the road. Keith and Shauna Morgan were arrested yesterday on animal cruelty charges and filing a false police report.

A spokesman for the Associated Humane Society said they are unsure whether the cocker spaniel will pull through. The cocker spaniel was severely dehydrated and covered in matted hair and feces.

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Emaciated cocker spaniel found in bag (NJ)

There’s a $500 dollar reward for anyone who can identity the person(s) who left a cocker spaniel tied in garbage bag along the roadside in Wall Township, New Jersey.  Staff at the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital have named him Morgan and are treating him for severe dehydration.  Morgan’s also on a feeding tube and on antibiotics for infections on his skin and ears.

Blind Cocker Spaniel Rescued in Florida

Mobley is availble for adoption
Mobley is availble for adoption

A blind cocker spaniel was found wandering in the middle of the road by a couple driving through.  She was lost and confused.  The couple picked her up and took her to Ehrlich Animal Hospital.  Her hair was so badly matted hospital staff couldn’t tell what sex she was.  After shaving her down the staff realized she was blind from untreated glaucoma.  The only treatment option is removal of both eyes otherwise she would be in pain the rest of her life.  The Suncoast Animal League is hoping to receive $1,100 to pay for her surgery.  Visit if you would like to contribute.

Cast-Off Cocker Spaniels

Cast-Off Cocker Spaniels
Cast-Off Cocker Spaniels by Becky Corwin-Adams

Becky Corwin-Adams was born in Defiance, Ohio. Becky is a wife, mother of two sons, and “MawMaw” to four grandchildren. She currently shares her home with seven Cocker Spaniels. As a child, Becky had one Cocker Spaniel, dozens of cats, chickens, and a variety of “pocket pets.” She started writing stories about her pets at an early age. Becky is a freelance writer and columnist for The Farmland News. Becky volunteers for Columbus Cocker Rescue as a foster parent, transporter, and Ebay seller. Becky has been an avid reader since childhood. She especially enjoys reading Amish fiction, mysteries, and dog stories. When Becky isn’t reading or writing, she enjoys crafting and walking with her Cocker Spaniels. She has had dozens of her original craft patterns published in various craft magazines.

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Pet Adoption Fund-All I Want For Christmas!

Hi everyone!

Bradley is a beautiful Cocker Spaniel who has never had a home outside of the shelter at Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park, California. We love him dearly and he is a volunteer favorite, but he has been here many, many years and there is nothing we want more for him than a good home. I am one of the volunteers who walks him and he gets so excited when he sees me. His darling face lights up and his tail wags so much his entire body moves like he’s doing a “happy to see you” dance. Imagine coming home to him every night?

He is a happy go lucky dog who just needs a chance! He seems very partial to the ladies and while we recommend taking it slow in the beginning with him, one he knows you, he loves to give kisses, shakes your hand, sits and will faithfully be by your side! He loves to go for walks and being active. He’s a great companion and would give so much love to the person who will give him a chance. We would love for him to finally know what it feels like to have a loving home with a comfortable bed and a loving human all for himself!

You can see his handsome face on our holiday video “All I Want For Christmas.”

He is located at Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park, California. He can be seen on our website at or by calling 818-340-1186.

7507 Deering Ave. Canoga Park, CA. 91303. Hours of Operation: Kennel & Office Hours: 6 days a week 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. (closed Mondays)