Cockers In Need Fundraiser

Linda from Cockers In Need is holding “chip in” fundraiser to help pay for veterinary expenses for two new rescues.  Meet Kelly (block cocker) and Polly (Shih Tzu).  You can read about them on our forum.

Kelly & Polly

Persons whose donations are over $10.00 will receive a brain ball or crochet wash cloths.  See Linda’s thread for contact information.

Brain Ball
Brain Ball Dog Toy
Wash Cloth
Crochet washcloth

Plainview, TX: Cocker found

She was found in Plainview near 24th Street and Kermit last Tuesday:

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She’s a buff parti mix with full tail.  Very friendly and in good health.  She was wearing red Nebraska Animal Hospital tags.  Please contact Plainview Animal Control (806) 296-1158.

Buff parti mix

Badly injured cocker found

Location: Doddenham, UK

A badly injured cocker spaniel was found 4 days later after being hit by a car.  The cocker named Puppy Joe ran off during his walk. His family couldn’t find him but heard a dog had been hit by a car.  Hunters 4 days later discovered Puppy Joe cold and wet huddled under a tree. Puppy Joe was treated for a fractured pelvis and is recovering well.

Reported by The Worcester News, Story has Puppy Joe’s picture. Link to Story