Fundraiser for Rudy

Rudy is one of Minnie’s pups. Minnie was pregnant and recued by Robin from a sad situation. Rudy was fortunately adopted to a loving family. Rudy tested positive for parvo virus after coming down with vomiting and diarrhea yesterday. He’s being treated at the vet and is expected to pull through. Robin is doing a fundraiser to help pay for his medical expenses. Fundraiser includes sale items on Robin’s site as well as a drawing for one of Polly portraits. See Robin’s thread for more details.

Picture of Rudy

Adoptable in LA: Cockapoo with companion

Willie is a cocker-poodle mix partially blind and needs heart and eye medication.  He was found as a stray along with his Welsh Corgi companion Philly.  Both are inseparable.  Philly will cry if he’s separated from Willie.  He follows Willie everywhere and also guides Willie too.  Both are seniors with sweet personalities.  Both must be adopted together.  Call the Agoura shelter at (818) 706-5898.  Give them their ID numbers: A4218669 and A4218667.

Best Cocker Profile Contest

Winner will receive $50 Foster & Smith gift certificate.

Foster & Smith Gift Cerficate
Foster & Smith Gift Certificate

The Check List:

  • Register if you are not already a forum member.
  • Must have at least 5 quality posts on forum. Responses such as “that’s nice” will not count. Write something meaningful.
  • Create a profile page for your cocker. If you have more than one we prefer you create one for each. Instructions can be found on this thread.
  • Submit your entry using our contact form. Make sure you are logged in too so I can see your membership info: Contact Form

Once we have a least 5 entries I’ll start a thread for voting. Feel free to vote too. Profile page with most votes wins. Voting period will be one week.

Cockers In Need Fundraiser

Linda from Cockers In Need is holding “chip in” fundraiser to help pay for veterinary expenses for two new rescues.  Meet Kelly (block cocker) and Polly (Shih Tzu).  You can read about them on our forum.

Kelly & Polly

Persons whose donations are over $10.00 will receive a brain ball or crochet wash cloths.  See Linda’s thread for contact information.

Brain Ball
Brain Ball Dog Toy
Wash Cloth
Crochet washcloth

Plainview, TX: Cocker found

She was found in Plainview near 24th Street and Kermit last Tuesday:

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She’s a buff parti mix with full tail.  Very friendly and in good health.  She was wearing red Nebraska Animal Hospital tags.  Please contact Plainview Animal Control (806) 296-1158.

Buff parti mix