Plainview, TX: Cocker found

She was found in Plainview near 24th Street and Kermit last Tuesday:

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She’s a buff parti mix with full tail.  Very friendly and in good health.  She was wearing red Nebraska Animal Hospital tags.  Please contact Plainview Animal Control (806) 296-1158.

Buff parti mix

Badly injured cocker found

Location: Doddenham, UK

A badly injured cocker spaniel was found 4 days later after being hit by a car.  The cocker named Puppy Joe ran off during his walk. His family couldn’t find him but heard a dog had been hit by a car.  Hunters 4 days later discovered Puppy Joe cold and wet huddled under a tree. Puppy Joe was treated for a fractured pelvis and is recovering well.

Reported by The Worcester News, Story has Puppy Joe’s picture. Link to Story