Michigan cocker spaniel breeder loses lawsuit

On November 21st, a Washtenaw county jury found in favor of the Humane Society of Huron Valley in the lawsuit filed by Ralph and Melinda Hart. The lawsuit filed on June 2011 claims the humane society did not have authority to seize the Hart’s dogs. The lawsuit sought $1 million dollars in damages and the return of 13 dogs.

The Humane Society of Huron Valley speaks of the case on their Web site:

In essence, a couple forced 17 dogs, used solely for breeding and showing, to live their entire lives in cruel confinement–within a crowded garage in dirty wire bottom cages. The Cocker Spaniels had no form of comfort, minimal socialization, and a lifetime of veterinary care that never went beyond the preparation required for competition in the show ring.

Melinda Hart, President of the Detroit Cocker Spaniel Club, owns Hartline Cockers.

Raw Chicken 1 year later

Lately, I’ve been thinking Hoshi wasn’t liking his chicken. He would turn his head away when I offered it to him or spit it out. I found out what was wrong. I wasn’t cutting the pieces small enough and he was having problems swallowing them. I cut the pieces smaller and no problems eating.

Here’s a picture of the chicken pieces I’m giving him now. About 1/2 the size they used to be. These are pruners I use to cut the bone. Hoshi could eat the bone whole but it takes too long. I also cut the bone into lengths I think are safe.

Hoshi had his bath

Hoshi on walk
Hoshi on walk
I think Hoshi went 2 months without a bath. He was scratching and I found a flea on me last night. I gave him a bath with flea shampoo. Found a couple dead/dying ones on him when drying him off. I trimmed his paws and ears on the inside. Didn’t do his face–we were both too tired.

Anyways, he’s comfy and getting some rest now that the fleas are gone.

Cocker spaniel critical after pit bull attack

Sian: Cocker spaniel-springer
A cocker spaniel-springer mix received severe abdominal wounds after being attacked by two loose pit bulls in Petworth, D.C. The cocker named Sian along with an unidentified dog walker were walking along 7th and Ingraham Street when the attack occurred. Dakota Pernell said, “I notice the lady is trying so hard to get her dog from underneath two dogs, two bigger dogs.” Pernell says she ran to help while most residents looked on in disbelief. “The pit bull had the dog in its mouth like it was a toy,” said Pernell. A 74-year-old senior carrying a stick and driver armed with pepper spray joined in and finally freed Sian from the pit bull’s jaws.

Sian had emergency surgery at Friendship Animal Hospital Wednesday afternoon. Sian’s owner caught a flight back to D.C. upon hearing the news. Police cited the pit bull’s owner for having unleashed dogs. One pit bull was taken away by Animal Control. Pernell sustained minor injuries to her hands during the rescue.