Cocker spaniel critical after pit bull attack

Sian: Cocker spaniel-springer
A cocker spaniel-springer mix received severe abdominal wounds after being attacked by two loose pit bulls in Petworth, D.C. The cocker named Sian along with an unidentified dog walker were walking along 7th and Ingraham Street when the attack occurred. Dakota Pernell said, “I notice the lady is trying so hard to get her dog from underneath two dogs, two bigger dogs.” Pernell says she ran to help while most residents looked on in disbelief. “The pit bull had the dog in its mouth like it was a toy,” said Pernell. A 74-year-old senior carrying a stick and driver armed with pepper spray joined in and finally freed Sian from the pit bull’s jaws.

Sian had emergency surgery at Friendship Animal Hospital Wednesday afternoon. Sian’s owner caught a flight back to D.C. upon hearing the news. Police cited the pit bull’s owner for having unleashed dogs. One pit bull was taken away by Animal Control. Pernell sustained minor injuries to her hands during the rescue.

Anguishing woman allowed to have another pet

Sue Austin was devastated after her 15-year-old cocker spaniel died last July. “Katie was my everything,” said Austin. “She was my child.” Austin keeps Katie’s ashes and mementos including pictures and a cocker spaniel figurine on an end table. “I loved her so much,” Austin says.

Austin couldn’t bear the thought being without another dog but her condo association recently banned dogs. Katie was allowed to stay because was grandfathered in. Austin pleaded with them to no avail. She even brought them a written letter from a doctor.

Please allow Ms. Austin to have a pet in her home. . . . A pet will be a valuable source of therapy for her. A new dog will ease loneliness, reduce her stress level, (and) encourage activity and interaction with others. . . . It will serve as a therapy dog for her.

Still, the condo association wouldn’t budge. Or would they? After consulting their attorney the Lexington Ridge Condominium Association decided to allow Austin to have a dog. Austin is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and the comfort of a pet will help alleviate her stress and pain. Austin still has to abide by the association’s rules in order to keep her new pet (i.e. clean up, unruly behavior)

Hoshi stepped on sandburs today

I was walking Hoshi this morning and he was trailing behind me. When he stops I tug his leash and get him moving again. Well, he stopped behind me so I tugged and he toppled over. That was unusual. Then he stopped again. This time he’s lying on the grass and starts licking his leg. He had a bunch of painful sandburs on his rear paw. I picked them out carefully and checked his other paws. I hate those things. They’re razor sharp.

Update: Cocker spaniel left in hot truck dies

The cocker spaniel mentioned in the previous story died. Scotty died early Tuesday morning from heat stroke. A remorseful Jerry Mason said, “He depended on me. I mean I’m supposed to be there for him…yeah I let him down.” Cartersville police asked that the misdemeanor charge be changed to a felony however there was no proof malicious intent. Mason has been released from jail and awaits his court date.

Man arrested after leaving cocker spaniel locked in hot truck

A Georgia man was arrested in Cartersville after leaving his dog locked in the back of a packed U-Haul truck last Monday morning.  While at a gas station, Good Samaritan John Artemis noticed a lifeless cocker spaniel in the back of 50-year-old Jerry Mason’s moving van.  Artemis claims Mason was manhandling the dog who was caught under a chair.  Artemis told Mason to stop hurting the dog but Mason wouldn’t listen so Artemis pushed him away and freed the dog.

Artemis laid the lifeless spaniel on the ground and poured jugs of cold water over him until the dog began to move.  Cartersville police responded to Artemis’ 911 call and arrested Mason for misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Mason claims he only left his cocker spaniel Scotty locked in the truck for a short time: “Well I didn’t think an hour was too long of a time for the dog to be back there.”  Mason was traveling to Kentucky from Savannah, Georgia.  Scotty remains at Bartow County Animal Hospital with heat exhaustion and low blood glucose while Mason is being held at the Bartow County jail.