Cocker spaniel rescued from 100°F car

Sacramento firefighters freed a cocker spaniel from parked car Wednesday afternoon. The owners had left it in the Arden Fair Mall parking lot while they did some shopping. Mall security had checked on the dog several times then called firefighters when the car’s interior reached 100°F. Mall security said the spaniel was in distress. They noticed it “panting and sweating profusely.”

Animal control officer John Sorrels fined the couple $200 dollars for leaving an animal unsupervised in a car. Sorrels said, “They could die, they could get heatstroke. We’ll have to break your window out maybe and take your dog and take it to the vet and you may or may not get it back.”

When the couple learned their dog had been taken by mall security they left without it. The couple later returned for it saying they were embarrassed the first time. The couple claims they took precautions including parking in the shade, cracking the windows, and checking on him every 15 minutes. Even so, mall security chief Steve Reed said, “put a fur coat on and sit in a car that’s a 100 degrees – it’s not gonna be very good for you.”

Another bath and trim

Hoshi VFW hall
Hoshi VFW hall
I gave Hoshi his bath. I replaced a light fixture in the basement so I could finally see what I was doing. I also gave Hoshi a flea dip during his bath so I wouldn’t get bitten like last time (No bites! Yay!). I trimmed him down again with a #7 blade. It’s been hot lately. He looks cute in his summer cut. His Booster Bath has been looking gross so I took out the mat and scrubbed it and the bath as well.

Hoshi has been minding me more and more. He doesn’t take off when we are in the front yard. He sits and waits for permission to move. Believe it or not, the other day me and Hoshi saw iguana in someone’s front yard. It was huge (about 3 foot long). It was behind the fence. Hoshi saw it move and was curious about it.

Cocker spaniel saved from well in Benton SC

Reese rescued from well: Photo David Rogers
Reese rescued from well: Photo David Rogers
Last Friday evening Amanda Schronce and her family were repairing a well in their yard. The well had been boarded over up until then. Reese, their 4-year-old cocker spaniel, had often played near the well sometimes jumping on top of the boards. Well, Reese thought he was jumping on top of the boards but instead fell 30 feet down the well which had been uncovered during repairs.

Amanda called 911 for help. In less than an hour Anderson County deputies, Rock Springs firefighters, and Anderson Technical Rescue retrieved Reese who had been dog paddling since falling in.

Cocker spaniel dies in neighbor’s trap

A Dorintosh, Saskatchewan family is morning the loss of their dog. On April 24, Barb Heaver and her cocker spaniel Cocoa were out visiting a friend in town when Cocoa wandered off onto Paul Strelezki’s property. Strelezki had baited a Conibear trap with sardines. Cocoa was found dead in the trap. Strelezki placed the traps on his property to protect his chickens from skunks and foxes. Strelezki says he never intended the trap for Cocoa. “I like dogs…I didn’t set a trap for it. I set it for the skunks.”

Police were called to the scene however Strelezki’s traps were legally set and no charges were filed. Conibear traps are a type of body gripping trap which forcefully snaps around the animal’s neck causing death by either severing the spinal cord or causing asphyxiation. However, the animal may only be caught by a limb and be left to die. Conibear traps are legal in most states however there are rules regarding their use (i.e. location and size). If your pet becomes ensnared in a Conibear trap here are instructions how to free it: TrapFree Oregon: Conibear traps and how to release them.

Cocker spaniel adoption lottery

The Cedar Valley Humane Society in Iowa will hold a lottery for six cocker spaniel puppies.  The puppies were born at the Cedar Valley facility as a result of the 87 cocker spaniels seized from a Sac County breeder back in January (read more).  A high turnout is expected at the event.  Four more cocker spaniel puppies are expected to be available in about six weeks.