Eleven-year-old kills spaniel puppy

NY State Trooper Mark Cepiel
NY State Trooper Mark Cepiel
An 11-year-old girl in upstate New York was charged with criminal mischief and aggravated cruelty to animals. Both felony charges will be handled by the Warren County Family Court due to her age. Last Sunday the girl stayed overnight at a foster home on Lake George. When the girl’s request for a ride was denied she picked up a 13-week-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel and beat it to death against the floor and bed post. During an interview with YNN news, Cathy Cloutier, executive director of the SPCA of Upstate New York said it was rare for someone that young to act so violently. “We can’t lose fact that this child really needs some major, serious help before other victims are in her line,” said Cloutier.

Very hot here in Michigan

I had time so I gave Hoshi his bath and trim early. He was getting stinky anyways. His trim was just a touch up mostly of his paws and face. I did trim his length down again with a #7. I included a flea dip. I didn’t find any on him but I did see one this morning on the kitchen floor. It may have come from outside since we just came in from a walk.

It’s been in the 90’s the past couple of days. Hoshi doesn’t even want to go for a walk when it’s this hot. Hoshi doesn’t deal well with the heat compared to Gabby. I heard on the news the Humane Society is getting a lot of calls about dogs left out in the heat. Our air conditioner is running nonstop. It can’t even keep up. We have it set to 74 and it was 77 early last evening.

My HUGE News! The American Cocker Network

I`m gonna try to keep in touch with everybody . . . but yeah, I`ll be busy.

I bought a magazine . . . the ACN Review, which was run by a fellow named Daren Hatfield. He has had to step down from publishing it for personal reasons, and I thought it would be a shame to let it disappear, after all of his hard work. It`s a lovely magazine. Subscriptions are to the online publication, at $35 per year, for 6 issues. Hard copies of the magazine are available for purchase on demand (not on a subscription basis) after the online version is released.

I’ve done a ton of writing for other publications, but this is my first venture into publishing of any sort. I`m excited about the opportunity, but also very terrified of everything crashing down on my head LOL Fortunately I have a very talented graphic designer helping with ads (she already does all of my ads and my website), so that headache is no longer mine. The cost of ads is included in the ad price, so there won`t be any price increases.

I wasn’t sure about posting here initially . . . I did think about it, but didn’t want folks to think I was fishing for subscribers or anything.

If folks want to see a sample of the magazine, go to www.ouracn.net and click on the magazine cover (a lady with a black Cocker).

Cocker spaniel rescued from 100°F car

Sacramento firefighters freed a cocker spaniel from parked car Wednesday afternoon. The owners had left it in the Arden Fair Mall parking lot while they did some shopping. Mall security had checked on the dog several times then called firefighters when the car’s interior reached 100°F. Mall security said the spaniel was in distress. They noticed it “panting and sweating profusely.”

Animal control officer John Sorrels fined the couple $200 dollars for leaving an animal unsupervised in a car. Sorrels said, “They could die, they could get heatstroke. We’ll have to break your window out maybe and take your dog and take it to the vet and you may or may not get it back.”

When the couple learned their dog had been taken by mall security they left without it. The couple later returned for it saying they were embarrassed the first time. The couple claims they took precautions including parking in the shade, cracking the windows, and checking on him every 15 minutes. Even so, mall security chief Steve Reed said, “put a fur coat on and sit in a car that’s a 100 degrees – it’s not gonna be very good for you.”