Playing with ball video

Gabby’s favorite toy is a jiggly ball. They don’t last long as he tears them apart. I bought a new one so Hoshi could enjoy too. Hoshi isn’t as aggressive with the ball as Gabby is. Hoshi had fun though and it give those sharp piranha-like teeth something to work on other than my toes.

Hoshi Chases Bunny!

Hoshi chased his first bunny this evening. I tried to point it out to Gabby. Poor Gabby his vision and interest are waning. I picked up Gabby and took him to the bunny. Gabby didn’t see it until it moved. Hoshi chased after it as soon as it started running. Looks like Hoshi will be a good hunter just like Gabby.

This puppy! He’s chewing the computer cables and nibbling my toes right now.

Hoshi hates his medication

I just had my mom help hold Hoshi while I squirted Clavamox in his mouth. He’s putting up more of a fight each time I give it. I thought liquid would be easier to give than the pill. Why on earth did they make it bubblegum flavor?! It smells just like the stuff we give kids in the ER. I doubt a puppy would appreciate the flavor.

Hoshi and Gabby video

It’s been years since I pulled out my video camera. I took a video of Hoshi and Gabby around noon yesterday:

This UTI is really a problem. Poor Hoshi is peeing every few minutes and having accidents. He’s been on Clavamox for 2 days. I’m hoping it will kick in soon. I’m just glad he’s not sick like he was a few days ago–poor boy.

Hoshi is scampering again!

Hoshi’s illness didn’t last too long. He ate like a little pig yesterday and today. I’ll have to remember he loves cat food next time. He certainly made up for all the meals he missed. He ran up and down the backyard. He’s pestering Gabby and Beanie again so he must be feeling better.

Things I’ve noticed about Hoshi.

  • Hoshi has a good nose. He’s been tracking scents in the backyard, probably a bunny.
  • He’s been chasing squirrels. The other day, I pointed out a squirrel to Hoshi and told him to chase it which he did.
  • He loves to chase my shadow.
  • He loves to chase robins.