Cage dryer kills cocker spaniel

Wigston, Leicester, UK

It is basically a metal dog crate with a hot air blaster wedged in the front. Three sides of the crate are then covered by a thin blanket and hot air is blasted in to dry the dog, said Sally Kearns, RSPCA inspector.

Maureece Sarell had no idea her cocker spaniel’s trip to the groomer would be her last.  Sarell dropped Trudie off at Yensid Dog Grooming owned by Jo Taylor on the morning of October 6, 2011.  Sarell received a call from Taylor around 11:00am saying Trudie got a bit “pink” on her belly and needed a veterinarian.  Sarell arrived at the vet an hour later only to find Trudie’s condition horribly worse.  Trudie had suffered severe burns to her belly and feet, and internal bleeding. “She was black and blue and I have seen a lot of things in my life as a nurse but that was one of the worst things I have ever seen.”

Veterinarian Emma Drabble said, “Her skin had started to peel and blister and when we took a blood sample it showed she was dehydrated…her temperature reduced to normal after a couple of hours but the internal bleeding continued.” It was around 5:15pm when Sarell and the veterinarian agreed to end Trudie’s suffering and put her to sleep. 

Taylor testified she only left Trudie in the cage dryer for 20 minutes.  She also added the cage dryer is popular among other pet groomers.  On April 16, 2012, Taylor was found not guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal but found guilty of failing in duty to care.  Taylor was given 1 year probation and ordered to pay $560 dollars in court costs. Judge Peter Tyler said, “We find it difficult to accept the evidence that the dog, Trudie, was checked every few minutes…the injuries were caused during the drying process. You failed in your duty to keep her from harm.” After the trial Sarell said, “I can’t believe she is still allowed to groom dogs.”

Cocker spaniel breeder threatened

Police CarA Westford, Connecticut woman reported she had been harassed by other breeders concerning the East Coast Cocker Classic held on March 30 through April 1, 2012. Reportedly, Hamden city officials had warned participants at the event about leaving their cocker spaniels unattended in a nearby warehouse. Since the Westford breeder did not attend the event she was suspected of reporting the unattended cockers. The Westford breeder claims she and a friend in Glastonbury, CT are being threatened by breeders in Connecticut, New Hamshire, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Broken glass problem

Broken glass has always been a problem in my neighborhood. It’s even in the playgrounds. Walking Hoshi in my neighborhood is like walking through a minefield. Today was the last straw. Hoshi walked right into a pile of broken glass (a beer bottle) during our walk. I got my leaf blower and got on my bike and went through the neighborhood clearing glass off the sidewalks. My neighbors probably thought I was crazy. It’s a shame they don’t care enough to do it themselves. Later, I took Hoshi for a walk around the block around 5pm. It was nice walking him without worrying about in stepping in glass. This is the 2nd time I’ve done this in my neighborhood.

Update: Kiron cocker spaniel breeder pleads not guilty

Last Friday Mary Brodersen pleaded not guilty to 93 counts of animal neglect despite the deplorable conditions her cocker spaniels were found in.  Five were found dead.

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We chased another skunk

Maybe it was the same one. It was about a mile away from where we saw the other one. It had just crossed a major road. They don’t run too fast. I was careful not to get close. Hoshi was going nuts. It smelled skunky too. I think these are good bonding moments for me and Hoshi. We’re still not as close as me and Gabby were.