2nd generation Aibo released in Japan

Owning a dog costs about $1,300 a year. That doesn’t account for any medical emergencies, special diets or medications. If you want to own a dog but can’t afford one or don’t have time to care for one, consider the new Sony aibo. The aibo costs around $1,800 dollars and behaves like a dog. It’s […]

Hoshi had a bath yesterday

Hoshi smelled terrible after getting wet in the rain so it was bath time. No fleas this time. Hoshi cooperated more than usual and I shaved his front legs (as much as he would allow). I took care of the basics including face, rear, and paws. We came back from our walk this morning and […]

Tracking Hoshi’s walks with an app

I started using RunKeeper to keep track of Hoshi’s walks. We’re walking anyways so might as well record them. I do confess the app encourages to do more since it’s being recorded. It’s sort of fun looking at our routes and stats. This can’t be April pic.twitter.com/sqDrRlY5Kk — manuel villanueva (@ManuelRN) April 17, 2018