Bath and groom

I gave Hoshi a bath early this morning. He needed one and I contemplated shaving him down because of skin problems. That fungal infection on his back went away then came back because I think it’s in his skirt too. Anyways, I decided too keep some length so I found an old clipper with grooming […]

Buzz cut time

I think this is Hoshi’s last shave down for the season. He had some skin issues and I suspected fleas. I found 2 fleas on his belly after his bath. One was half-drowned and the other was still feisty. He’s really scratching right now after his bath. It’s not time yet for Frontline but he’ll […]

Cocker grooming: The bare essentials

If you want to keep your cocker spaniel healthy then a minimum amount of grooming is necessary. You’ll need to bathe your cocker spaniel as needed to keep the skin and hair clean. How often you bath your cocker will vary depending on environment and activity. You’ll also need to keep your cocker’s hair free […]