Hoshi Graduates!

Hoshi's Diploma
Hoshi’s Diploma
Today was Hoshi’s last day of obedience class. We tested off on our commands then did contests. Hoshi won 1st place for the longest sit and stay and 1st place for the longest down and stay (hooray!). We messed up on the fastest recall contest. Hoshi wouldn’t come to me AT ALL–we need to practice “come” from across a room. 🙁 So Hoshi graduated with his diploma and two 1st place ribbons. We start our Canine Good Citizens course next week. My wife came and took pictures. I put them in Hoshi’s album.

1st Place x 2
1st Place x 2

Gabby Update

Gabby is doing well. His cough was worse this morning although better overall. I really haven’t noticed that much of a difference since I found out about his heart condition last month. I can’t get away with missing doses of his medication like I used to. We didn’t like giving him the Lasix because he has accidents with it. He has lost some weight and it looks good on him. We haven’t been on our usual long walk all summer. Maybe he’ll tolerate walks better when it cools down in the fall. I took some vacation days in September. I’ll try to take him somewhere nice.

Hoshi’s solution to summer heat

Hoshi lying by AC vent
Hoshi staying cool
Both Gabby and Hoshi spend most of the time plastered against the air conditioning vents throughout the house. This picture is of him by the vent in the kitchen. He’s wedged himself under the drawer. You have to move him if you need anything out of there. It’s not that hot in here. We have the temperature set at 74.

Obedience class ends next week

Hoshi has been doing good. Yesterday, Hoshi was complimented because he stayed without a leash. We stood at one end of the room and walked away from our dogs then told them to come. The instructors had to hold our dogs while we walked away so they wouldn’t follow us. I asked that Hoshi not be held and he stayed until I called him from the middle of the room. I’ve signed him up for the next class: Canine Good Citizen.

I know someone asked me to take pictures. I’ll ask if it’s okay to take some next week.