An evening at the park

I took Gabby and Hoshi to the park. I’d like to take them to the beach except the closest dog friendly beaches I know of are on the opposite side of Michigan. I’m planning a trip to Benton Harbor area which is a 3 hour drive.

I haven’t perfected STOP yet. I’m too out of shape to chase dogs anymore. Hoshi, you little rascal! Speaking of which, Hoshi starts his obedience class Wednesday.

Hoshi Defanged!

Hoshi's Canine
Hoshi’s Canine
I was looking on the counter this morning when I saw a tooth. My mom found it somewhere in the house. I looked in Hoshi’s mouth and both canines were missing. I won’t miss them. Those baby teeth were sharp!

A Cocker Lover’s Tribute

I don’t know who JDWolverton is. I do know he loved his cocker spaniel because he wrote about her passing. I’ve read many cocker spaniel tributes over the years. I really liked this one. It’s not about feeling of sadness: It’s a reflection of her life and fond memories. I’m happy to have glimpsed into Woozle’s life. 🙂

Daily Kos: I Miss My Woozle

Teaching Hoshi “Stop”

I haven’t enrolled in an obedience class yet :sigh: except I can’t wait any longer. Hoshi is running across the road and bolting down the street! I’m teaching him “stop” and “come” while I walk him on his leash. Before we cross the road, I stop Hoshi and say “stop” then I give him a treat and say “come” then cross the street. I think it’s working. Hoshi anticipates when we come to a street by sitting and waiting for a treat.

Hoshi’s growing so fast!

The vet tech said Hoshi gained 7 pounds since his last visit for a UTI. I was surprised. My little boy is growing so quickly.