An evening at the park

I took Gabby and Hoshi to the park. I’d like to take them to the beach except the closest dog friendly beaches I know of are on the opposite side of Michigan. I’m planning a trip to Benton Harbor area which is a 3 hour drive.

I haven’t perfected STOP yet. I’m too out of shape to chase dogs anymore. Hoshi, you little rascal! Speaking of which, Hoshi starts his obedience class Wednesday.

Teaching Hoshi “Stop”

I haven’t enrolled in an obedience class yet :sigh: except I can’t wait any longer. Hoshi is running across the road and bolting down the street! I’m teaching him “stop” and “come” while I walk him on his leash. Before we cross the road, I stop Hoshi and say “stop” then I give him a treat and say “come” then cross the street. I think it’s working. Hoshi anticipates when we come to a street by sitting and waiting for a treat.

Hoshi’s growing so fast!

The vet tech said Hoshi gained 7 pounds since his last visit for a UTI. I was surprised. My little boy is growing so quickly.