Hoshi discovers the litter box :(

The stairs to the basement are kind of slippery and Hoshi has been scared to go down them until this week. Now he flies down the stairs leaping past the few last steps. I completely forgot about the cat’s litter box down there. It’s in a small room blocked off with a box to keep Gabby out. Gabby is old with 2 bad knees–Hoshi IS NOT. Hoshi lept over the box and made his way to the litter box. I placed 2 boxes in front of the door now. It works!

It’s been 1 month since Hoshi has come to us. You can tell he’s grown too. They grow up so fast.

Hoshi’s Bath

I gave Gabby and Hoshi a bath yesterday since in was so warm out. I was worried Hoshi would be scared of the dryer. Gina said not to worry. Hoshi jumped as soon as I directed the nozzle on him. I thought, oh no he’s scared. No, he wanted to play. He dried pretty quick with all that jumping and rolling around he did. He kept trying to bite the flow of air. It was funny.

Hoshi Chases Bunny!

Hoshi chased his first bunny this evening. I tried to point it out to Gabby. Poor Gabby his vision and interest are waning. I picked up Gabby and took him to the bunny. Gabby didn’t see it until it moved. Hoshi chased after it as soon as it started running. Looks like Hoshi will be a good hunter just like Gabby.

This puppy! He’s chewing the computer cables and nibbling my toes right now.