Boyfriend slams cocker pup killing it

On April 14, 2018, convenience store surveillance video shows 23-year-old Delos Pierre Gallon physically assaulting his girlfriend. In the process, he snatches the girlfriend’s 4-month-old cocker spaniel puppy and slams it to the ground killing it. Gallon should be considered armed and dangerous. Contact the San Francisco Police Department at (415) 575-4444. #SFPD Investigators Seeking […]

Veterinary technician poisons her cocker spaniel for attention

Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a form of abuse where the caregiver delibrately makes the recipient ill in order to gain sympathy and attention from others. The recipient in this case is a cocker spaniel named Florence. Georgina Bretman was convicted of causing unecessary suffering to Florence–the first case of its kind in Scotland. In […]

Milwaukee man stabs cocker spaniel

Milwaukee man Zachary Senner was charged with felony mistreatment of an animal in the stabbing and bludgeoning of his brother’s and sister-in-law’s cocker spaniel. His brother Elijah Senner and wife asked him to “get rid of the dog” named Brandy. At first Zachary abandoned Brandy in street but she returned to the residence on 2735 […]

Alabama man caught beating cocker spaniel

David Mogil owner of Damn Yankees restaurants was convicted of aggravated animal cruelty for an incident that occurred November 10, 2014.  On that day, 3 electricians working across the street witnessed Mogil beat his girlfriend’s cocker spaniel outside on a balcony.  The beating was so savage one electrician yelled, “Dude, what the hell?”  The electricians […]

Queens, NY woman beaten for cocker spaniel

On June 28th around 10pm,  Lora Panossian was walking her 5 year-old cocker spaniel Ginger in Chrocheron Park.  Two men approached Panossian taking interest in Ginger.  “They were friendly…asking questions about my dog, so I didn’t think anything of it.”  While one man petted Ginger the other “sucker” punched Panossian in the stomach.  She collapsed […]